Uniforms Cape Town

There are an endless amount of services we as individuals always require, perhaps a plumbing service to deal with the blocked drain or the burst you may have on your premises. Health care providers responsible for getting you into god health regardless of the condition you are in each with their own responsibility. Security services for your safety. Mechanics to fix your broken car, bank tellers to help  you open accounts  close accounts, keep your money safe, assist with transactions and any other assistance one would require from the bank. Waiters you can identify to bring your food bring at your restaurant. Supermarket workers who work in the grocer that you purchase your food from, hotel staff to keep you satisfied on your vacation, Car rental agents, construction workers and much more.

Companies have become fond of the united front that uniforms provide, and so have all started heading in the direction of wearing uniforms. Uniforms have become the everyday clothes that workers from particular company or service wear to identify themselves. Professionals involved in the different areas in the medical field such as nurses, paramedics, maintenance staff and doctors all have different uniforms in order for people to be able to identify which professional they need quickly in the big hospital. Grocery store workers have uniform for customers to identify them, if they also wore casual clothes like everyone else shopping their chances are you would take a while to get help from the right person. Security guards, and policemen wear uniform so you are able to quickly identify who you can trust to help you, uniform shows their level of authority.

Uniforms Cape town help employees save lots of time spent choosing and finding the right and appropriate outfit. Saving money as your clothing has less wear and tear as they are safely stored away in the cupboard not exposed to sun and dirt and in turn such frequent washing. Ballistic uniform supply all types and sorts of uniforms Cape town for any industry as the materials used for the different jobs and industries each differ. Fireman fighters require uniforms that are used with materials that can withstand heat as they run, climb, jump and roll in the process of fighting the blaze. Bank tellers uniforms on the other hand would require a different material that perhaps breathes better and is easy to wash and fast to dry as they will not be fighting fires, instead sitting behind a desk.

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Uniforms Cape Town

Uniforms are the garments we would all remember wearing in school, as much as we hated it back then it did make life a lot easier. I can’t imagine pulling off a completely different outfit anymore. My mother’s pocket would probably have a hole in it if it were the case. I remember that time of the year when we doing the clothing and uniform shopping, It was always the same uniform shops that we had to visit to get the right uniform and the frustration growing when something that is such high demand has such limitations. Everything differed in prices as we made our way to the different stores often we would see the difference in the quality of the garments.

As I grew up into adulthood working for large corporation that required me to wear uniform, had its benefits just as it did when at school. The company took on the responsibility to be able to provide the uniforms for their staff as they were in contact with the supplier, this made it also easier to gain access to the right colors and original uniform garment. I realized that this problem of being able to access quality uniforms were still a battle that a lot of individuals face. There is now a supplier that suppliers uniforms Cape Town for all kinds of companies, they have come into the market and wowed us with their impeccable customer service. The high quality garments and accessories such as two way radios, Uniforms, armor wear such as bullet proof vests, two way radios, Jackets, Tactical equipment and so much more are of the best quality guaranteed.

Keeping the interests of those in need of uniforms and other items in mind we make the procedure and process easy and quick, assisting you from start to finish with the uniform production thereof is one of the ways that Ballistic Uniforms has changed the flow chain so that you do not have to go through the unnecessary I would describe as painful mission to get uniforms Cape town.

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Uniforms – Lets Go Ballistic!

In this day and age we are always looking for best prices on everything to save money. We compromise on the quality of the items we spend our money on all the time to be able maximize our spending, so that we fall within a certain budget. The compromises we make to get more value for money don’t always guarantee quality products and items, especially when it comes to clothing material items. It’s always better to go for quality instead of quantity. Saving a buck here and there can end up costing you more in the long run as materials are more than likely to wear and tear within short period of time.

If you are lucky enough to be working for company that requires you to where uniform, it allows you to save a lot of money that you would use on clothing expenses. It’s the companies or organizations responsibility to provide quality garments that last long and the companies and organizations that that require uniforms, have to make sure that they use a company who is able to provide this for them as costs can reach a high to any companies budget, Specially for those that do not deduct the material cost of uniforms from their staffs salary.

Ballistic uniforms understand that high quality materials must be used for all their uniforms and other items they offer to have returning customers. The kind of service that is provided by Ballistic uniforms is not widely known. We look to retail stores most of the time when it comes to buying uniforms. The options are limited and of course the pricing doesn’t seem to be optional due to the industry of uniforms suppliers not being a trade that has much competition. Guaranteeing only the best value for money, service, advice competencies and quick turnaround time is possible with ballistic uniforms .With the wide Range of products and items we provide to the public from Uniforms to two way radios, security accessories and more. The importance of ultimate customer satisfaction is valuable to us, always striving to provide only the best.

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Uniforms Cape town

Uniforms are sets of clothing worn by all the members of a particular organization .They  carry with them a significance, as they represent these organizations that  wear the uniform .The subject on wearing uniforms have been on debate for what feels like forever, with so many different feelings and points on the matter it hard to come to a conclusion .Uniforms actually play a significant role in any company or other organization ,helping clientele or just normal citizens to immediately be able to identify the place that the person wearing the  uniform represents. Suppliers of uniforms capetown see the value that is added by uniform and how influential it can be .For some companies this could just be one unique way of advertising your companies services and catch the attention of someone seeking that particular services .Among the many reasons of wearing a uniform is that it enables employees to be a team and equal  when they are at their work place enabling them to work as a team respecting each other, and conducting  themselves in a more orderly and professional manner.

The challenges of finding a source or supplier that is able to  meet the demands  when it comes to uniform requests are no longer limited. Company uniforms  or any other uniform are no longer a challenge thanks to Ballistic Uniforms.  Providing uniforms  Cape town. With the experience of being in the business   for years, Makes it easy to understand all the needs and wants, as well as advice when it comes to uniforms .A company that comes with highly competitive pricing on the  garments  which they supply is surprisingly hard to find ,that is because of the high quality Materials used .Ballistic uniforms only provide the very best to their clients and take pride in the exceptional professional services that is on  offer .

It is important in this day and age for a company to have a specific uniform for them to be identified by .It is of utmost importance when it comes to trust and safety issues being a concern. By wearing a uniform provides trust between the clients ,the person of the organization whether it be plumbing ,Electrical work or other services that need to be done in ones home or on their property would come across as trustworthy .Uniforms speak for itself and plays an important role specially because of the trust issues we as individuals have ,we are wary of any and all things and uniforms change that.

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Security Uniforms

First impressions are what last when it comes to gaining new clientele and maintaining good business relationships. At Ballistic uniforms who make security uniforms and take pride in providing a service that is not very common and yet important. Boasting the significance of organizations and what they stand for to be projected to the rest of the world. Providing a service that gets to be able to be a part of providing Uniforms for those intended to identify one as an employee of a transit company that individuals work for. Organizations that wear uniform gives the public a certain assurance that organizations proudly want to project , and represent their organizations appearance and Assertiveness, through a uniform be it legal authorities identifying individuals who have the skill set an d can operate in his field, in a safe, legal, proficient manner if it were to be a representative of one the following which is ;Police officers who wear uniforms as a statement of authority and responsibility that’s how we identified the individual Members of the armed services wear uniforms for these reasons, but also to highlight differences between those members. Uniforms identify branch of service; rank and authority; and skills, job assignments, and achievements. When you walk down the street, are you able to guess things about the lives of the people you see? Based on the type of uniform they wear for their organization well yes there for uniforms create awareness to the public using uniform as a statement Ballistic Uniforms & Apparel’s focus is on service excellence and providing a quality garment to the industry immense knowledge of the industry enables Ballistic Uniforms and Apparel to be a powerful competitor in the uniform business industry. with a team of professionals that are skilled in this industry are there to assist and provide clientele with what a organization or other group of parties want to portray and represent through the uniform they wear To give such a service is so rewarding and not difficult at all .Its just that people are not aware of the services most of the time as usually the supply chain to everything is retailer .Just a phone call away Ballistic uniforms provide Bullet Proof, Combat Wear, Knitwear, Rain wear, Suiting, Tactical, Security Uniforms, Footwear and so much more sourcing and harnessing the possible material to suit and meet all the needs of individuals seeking uniforms of high quality ,long lasting and cost efficient to the budget For more information go to www.ballisticuniforms.co.za

Unique uniforms in Cape Town

Cape Town is positioned as one of the most bustling cities in Africa with regards to business opportunities. This business climate allows you to take full advantage when it comes to growing your business. First impressions are what last when it comes to gaining new clientele and maintaining good business relationships. One of the first things that people notice about your business is the appearance of your employees and colleagues. There are many ways to ensure a good appearance for your company. Corporate clothing, or uniforms, is one of the most basic and most essential steps in improving and maintaining your business’s reputation and the process of getting uniforms in Cape Town should be smooth as well.

Custom uniforms in Cape Townuniforms in cape town

There are multiple companies that specialize in providing uniforms in Cape Town – many of which are either ideally located in town or offer convenient delivery options. Uniform-distribution companies in Cape Town offer a wide range of items for your business. Whether you want uniforms designed for the hospitality and service industry or uniforms for the medical profession, you are bound to find something specifically developed and designed for your uniform needs.

Cape Town is home to countless spas, hospitals and clinics. Each of these are in need of professional, safe and comfortable uniforms. Nursing staff require specified uniforms – shoes, trousers, shirts, shoe covers and medical caps. Without these uniforms, they would not be able to safely perform their tasks. Similarly, spas require a professional and neat uniform for their employees. This ensures that the guests at the spa feel comfortable and safe.

As important as a client’s comfort is, you can’t neglect the comfort of your employees. Uniforms need to be easy to maintain and keep neat – the uniforms need to be made of quality and easy to care for materials. The uniforms need to stand the test of time – there is no point in having uniforms that don’t last after hours of hard work. Uniforms suppliers often offer discounts on larger orders of uniforms – this means that you can easily and affordably dress your employees in quality uniforms.

Uniforms in a corporate environment are essential. Not only are uniforms important in showcasing your company to your clientele, uniforms also unify and bring together your employees. Corporate uniforms take the shape of anything from shirts to blazers, shoes and trousers. Corporate uniforms also extend to accessories such as umbrellas, hats, key chains and ties. Each of these aspects of uniforms aid in promoting the vision of your company – both externally and within.

Getting uniforms in Cape Town? Get the facts uniforms in cape town

There are certain aspects of uniforms that need to be considered when deciding on which uniform provider in Cape Town you choose to use. Firstly, uniforms need to be neat and professional – this depends entirely on the context of your company. For obvious reasons, uniforms for lawyers will look different than uniforms for tour guides. Regardless of the corporate setting within which the uniforms will be worn, one aspect of uniforms that can not be neglected is comfort for those who wear it. Uniforms need to be made of quality materials – the uniforms need to be easy to wash, dry, iron and store. Uniforms need to have longevity; it is essential that the uniforms last and look neat for as long as they are in use. Finally, uniforms need to offer your clients a glimpse into your company – uniforms need to reflect where your business is going and what your goals are.uniforms in cape town

Many companies that supply uniforms in Cape town  also offer branding. Branding is another important tool to use when promoting your company. Nearly anything can be branded; either by means of engraving, embossing or embroidering. You can choose to brand pens, bags, hats, shirts, shoes or even diaries. These branded items can then be used as gifts to clients or employees – yet another way to promote your company and create unity within your offices.

Most uniforms-supplying companies cater for a wide range of fields. Not only can you find the perfect corporate uniforms, you can also find the ideal uniforms for safety – for instance high visibility or reflective jackets, rain suits and overalls. Safety footwear and headgear is also available at many uniforms-supplying companies – these are used in the security, medical and hospitality industries. Things like overalls, hard-hats, safety shoes and insulated clothing are essential in many fields within Cape Town and beyond.

No matter what field your company specializes in, you are bound to find uniforms in Cape Town specific to your needs. Many also allow you to customize your uniforms – meaning that you can have your company name embroidered, along with the name of the employee. Take full advantage of the amazing opportunities offered by Cape Town and find your perfect uniforms today. The sky is the limit when it comes to uniforms – as long as you remember the two key words: quality and comfort.


Practically perfect two way radios


Safety is one thing no one wants to compromise on. From bulletproof cars to burglar bars, we are intent on keeping our loved-ones out of harm’s way. In this scramble for safety, we oftentimes forget about one of the basic aspects: communication. One of the easiest ways to improve communication in stressful situations is through two way radios. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and one of the cities plagues by violence most is Cape Town. It might be hard to imagine that this picturesque city can be so dangerous, yet the countless robberies and murders tell a very different story.

Safety, then, is essential and non-negotiable. Whether you require security for your private home, your company or an entire country, certain things are needed to provide a comprehensive service. The good news is that there are companies that dedicate themselves to keeping you safe. Through armed response, bullet-proofing services and two way radios, there’s little that can’t be secured. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that safety and security should not be waited for. It is for this exact reason, then, that you should look for a security company that can deliver immediately – avoiding any time-wasting that can place you in danger.

two way radioPicking the right two way radio

Perhaps you’ve already secured your own home and company and are looking into providing safety to others. The task of compiling a comprehensive inventory of safety equipment can be daunting. For this exact reason, there are companies dedicated to providing you with any and all things needed to provide security. Security takes many shapes and forms in today’s world. Providing security and safety is so much more than just having a gun and an aggressive attitude – it’s also about making your clients feel safe and at ease. Uniforms are a great place to start when providing security. Customized uniforms will ensure that your security personnel (equipped with quality two way radios, of course) are easily recognizable and identifiable.

There are countless two-way radio suppliers in the Cape Town area. Most of these companies supply much more than two-way radios: they also provide you with a comprehensive security solution. These two way radio suppliers in Cape Town can assist you in equipping your security service in an optimal manner. Two-way radios make up only one part (albeit a very important one) of the complete security solution. There are many advantages to making use of two-way radios in Cape Town. Since security often needs to be ensured in more than one area, communication via two-way radios ensures that misunderstandings and miscommunication is avoided.

When choosing a two way radio supplier in Cape Town, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. First and foremost, you need to consider the practical application of the two way radios. Some two way radios have a larger range than others – meaning that some two way radios can produce clear communication over longer distances and through more obstacles than others. If, for instance, you require the use of two-way radios within a single building, you probably won’t need a two way radio with a giant range. If, however, your two-way radios will need to be used in separate moving vehicles between security personnel in different areas, an investment in quality two way radios makes sense. The second thing that you need to look at when choosing a two way radio supplier in Cape Town is the quality of service you will receive from the supplier once you have acquired your two-way radio. As with anything, your two-way radio might develop problems over time. If this happens, it is important to know that your two way radio supplier is there to assist you and solve your problems quickly and effectively. The third thing to consider when choosing a two way radio in Cape Town is the battery duration of the two way radio. As anyone who has ever driven in Cape Town will know, certain places are located far from each other. When it comes to safety, no time must be wasted with dead batteries. Higher quality two way radios generally come equipped with stronger batteries, giving you the peace of mind that your two way radio won’t let you down at a critical time.

Other uses of a two way radiotwo way radios

Two way radios also serve other great purposes in Cape Town – from communication between friends to coordination on building sites, two way radios offer a simple solution to staying in-touch when it matters most.

Whether you need a two way radio as part of a complete security solution or for a long road trip with friends, you can be sure to find quality options in Cape Town. As with anything, take your specific requirements as a starting point when choosing a two way radio. Don’t let the sleepy persona of Cape Town fool you – this is a city bursting at the seams with quality services and solutions.