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May 02

Uniforms Cape Town

Uniforms are the garments we would all remember wearing in school, as much as we hated it back then it did make life a lot easier. I can’t imagine pulling off a completely different outfit anymore. My mother’s pocket would probably have a hole in it if it were the case. I remember that time …

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Mar 28

Uniforms – Lets Go Ballistic!

In this day and age we are always looking for best prices on everything to save money. We compromise on the quality of the items we spend our money on all the time to be able maximize our spending, so that we fall within a certain budget. The compromises we make to get more value …

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Mar 03

Uniforms Cape town

Uniforms are sets of clothing worn by all the members of a particular organization .They  carry with them a significance, as they represent these organizations that  wear the uniform .The subject on wearing uniforms have been on debate for what feels like forever, with so many different feelings and points on the matter it hard …

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Feb 09

Security Uniforms

First impressions are what last when it comes to gaining new clientele and maintaining good business relationships. At Ballistic uniforms who make security uniforms and take pride in providing a service that is not very common and yet important. Boasting the significance of organizations and what they stand for to be projected to the rest …

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